Hello everyone, welcome to Colour with Me blog. First, a little about myself I am a colouring book author and artist on Amazon.com (Elaine M Phillips)  and I am passionate about creating relaxing and fun colouring pages and designs to go. My Colouring world is pretty simple,  sit back, relax and kick off your shoes you have now entered the world of chill! If you happen to dig my colouring pages and are interested, I am offering a free colouring page  if you join my email list and colour with me. I one more thing,  send me a finished colouring page and I will post it on my Blog. Colouring pages to go, will also send you notifications of my new and upcoming adult colouring pages and designs, don't worry it will be in the only chill mode. Finally, my colouring pages come with a warning you might relax and enjoy yourself and maybe float away.